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Z2 (aka/formerly Z2Live) creates free-to-play games for iOS, OS X, and Andriod. I started with Z2 to address performance and styling issues on their forums and to develop a support portal for their primary domain. As almost every gig goes, together we discovered there was many other projects and issues I could sink my teeth into.

To name a few:

  • Support Portal (tech used: JSON, JavaScript, PHP, ExpressionEngine)
    • Responsive design focused to Z2’s primary market (iOS)
    • No page reloads between articles or categories, immediate search, and still web crawler friendly.
    • Employs a JSON data packet for article content and HTML5 popstate.
    • Customer Relations team reported it lowered support ticket volume by over 50%.
  • Internal tools (written in Ruby, PHP, Bash) for
    • Deploying code updates to forums and primary domain
    • Deploying news to primary domain and in-game
    • Deploying knowledge base articles and other CMS content
    • Several extensions, modules, and tweaks for ExpressionEngine
  • Site optimization (tech used: Sass/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Bash)
    • Eliminate CMS from production environment which cut server response times in half.
    • Combine and eliminate unnecessary CSS and JavaScript files/code
    • Use Apache ETag convention correctly in a server cluster
    • Fix 404s and improve SEO by eliminating duplicate pages at different URLs using Google Analytics