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Swelleye is a resource for the Taiwan surfing community that includes weather forecasts & surf conditions, including live streaming video feeds for surf spots around the island. The map uses LeafletJS and the map tiles are hosted by Mapbox. Points of interest content & position are managed within a Google Spreadsheet that’s retrieved by an API coded in PHP running on AWS EC2. The site’s front-end is hosted on AWS S3 and the live video streams are facilitated by Wowza with self-hosted cameras.

This project leverages various technologies including:

  • Third-party weather APIs: Meteoblue & Worldtides
  • JavaScript: Node, NPM, Webpack, Google Charts, jQuery
  • CSS: Sass & static CSS
  • PHP: AWS PHP SDK, composer, and ome vanilla PHP for the API
  • Deployment: Fabric and AWS CLI S3 sync
  • AWS: EC2, Route 53, SES, S3, CloudFront, Cognito