My interest in games started long before working as a Quality Assurance Tester at Sierra On-Line but this was the first time I was able to engage in that interest for a living. I started with Sierra in March of 2000 as a QA Tester. About a year later, a position in the hardware compatibility lab opened up and my direct interest in computers and hardware and what makes them both tick kicked in and I took the position. While in the Compatibility Lab I worked closely with two other compatibility testers and the System Operations team. Our lab contained 60+ computers of various configurations that the three of us maintained along with an internal driver database and compatibility test result records.

My time at Sierra ended sometime in October 2001 as the company laid off around 75% of it’s QA and Technical support staff. I returned about a year later to work on another project for a few months that never saw the light of day. While at Sierra I was honored to work on many projects including: Tribes 2, Half-Life PS2, Counter-Strike 1.0, Aliens vs Predator, Empire Earth, Homeworld: Cataclysm, and Ground Control.