I worked full time for QuoteWizard from 2007 to 2009. I didn’t have any ColdFusion experience until I started and picked it up quickly thereafter. Most of the work I did was in ColdFusion and JavaScript. I learned a lot from my time there and had the opportunity to work with a small but great team. Things that I was introduced to included YUI, JSON, ColdFusion and quite a bit more JavaScript/AJAX in general.

My primary project while I was there was the Media Administration tool. This allows QuoteWizard’s media team to manage their advertising campaigns, vendors, accounts, cost, pixels, run reports, scrub rates and includes a complete content and brand management system. I created this tool from the ground up with design advice from the Media team and the experience from my manager/lead developer Ian Smith (creator of TAFFY DB and Joe’s Goals)

I also created and edited several back-end files to add, fix or optimize functionality on a full range of services offered to consumers, agents and employees. I did use PHP on a few occasions, since I was the only one there with experience in PHP. I made some changes to their Deploy tool and setup ZenTrack for our team. As with the PHP, I took on extra responsibilities often like: managing the production and development environment servers, periodically updated SQL tables with information provided by other companies, provided and maintained SMTP auth solutions for some of their legacy software, maintained IIS and optimized their ColdFusion server settings.