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Paradise Bay is a cross-platform mobile game created by King (in Seattle, formerly Z2). When the game was in beta, I created a simple microsite which was eventually replaced by a production version designed & developed by 8ninths when the game went live. During the development of the production site, I plugged right in with 8ninths development team to assist with features and patches as we dialed in the finer details and the launch date approached. Since then, I made significant changes to the underlying Angular-based site, styled and implemented a phpBB forum with several code & database customizations to share data with Z2’s legacy forums, and fixed bugs we discovered along the way on both the desktop and mobile version of the site. 8ninths was a treat to work with and made every effort to meet our common client’s (Z2’s) goals. During the development of the production version of the site, I also deployed the code to both preview and production environments on Z2’s servers.