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I started consulting for Logic 20/20 in late September of 2010 with their client, Clarisonic. Logic 20/20 was hired to completely redesign and redevelop their existing ecommerce and information portal site for the United States. Produxs created the design and provided redlines and wireframes that the test team, back-end, and front-end developers used to create Clarisonic’s new website. Bryan Wokich and myself accomplished the majority of back-end development using XML, XSL/XSLT, and Cascade Server. We used JavaScript along with jQuery, CSS, HTML, and PHP. Our front-end designer, Adam Purdy, also helped with some of the back-end tasks as well as doing the bulk of the CSS for the entire site. We worked long hours from September through December and delivered a site that will continue to increase revenue and brand recognition for Clarisonic. Although it was stressful at times, everyone kept their head and delivered something we’re all proud of. Everyone I’ve interacted with at Logic 20/20 from full-time employees to consultants are not only friendly and outgoing but also refreshingly professional. I look forward to working with them on future projects!