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Shortly after starting at NCSOFT in summer of 2012, I begun leading the development efforts for the Blade & Soul announce site. Armed with my trusty NCSOFT side-kick veteran front-end developer Russell Stout and flash developer Thomas Driggers; I embarked on a journey to learn MovableType 5, a CMS I had never heard of. Working with the simplicity of static sites was a pleasant diversion from the heavy resources and complexity of eCommerce. The marketing artwork used along with a more gaming oriented work environment also made working for NCSOFT a welcome change of pace from agency work. Over the short 6 months I worked with NCSOFT I had the privilege of working with several great developers, managers, and designers. I used technologies including: MovableType 4/5, Linux, Apache, Memcache, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, rsync/lsync, SSH, Git, and Perforce.

Although I worked on all the US brand sites, including, my work with Blade & Soul exemplified creating a site from the initial review phases to development, deployment, and maintenance.