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Baublebar is one of the first sites I worked on when starting at Tyemill in 2011. We took them from a single RackspaceCloud server running Magento Community 1.4.1 to four cloud web servers and one database server and eventually to two dedicated web servers behind a load balancer and a dedicated database server running Magento Enterprise. The shift in architecture came mostly as a result of increased traffic over the ~2 years Tyemill maintained and added new features to their website. As the months passed I maintained, updated, and created several aspects of their site using (and installing) technologies including: Linux (RHEL), Apache/APC/AB, Memcache, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery/Prototype, rsync/lsync, iptables, ssh, Ruby/Rake/Vlad, and git.

I really enjoyed creating new Magento modules to do anything from marketing campaign management to adding new customer functionality, wrapping up JavaScript plugins for easy drop-in behavior.  I also enjoyed improving the performance of Magento with the Magento Enterprise FPC (Full Page Cache) module, switching to memcache session and cache handlers, and optimizing the infrastructure to streamline the deployment of new code and improve overall server performance.