JavaScript has a low learning curve; I’d argue even lower than PHP. While I’ve seen and continue to see a lot of bashing on both – they’re incredibly powerful when used wisely. I think Node.js is brilliant despite the many scoffs some peers have shared.

Still, there are times when I think I’ll scream if I see one more bit of JS that can be accomplished by pure CSS or a bunch of nasty quote-escaped HTML in a JS file instead of using templates or anything else. Then faith is restored after watching smart kids (like a former boss of mine) do keyword searches on a JSON packet filled with the contents of the entire Bible, in under a second. That was way back in 2007 and on either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Below is a snippet from a much larger prototype I created for Z2. This is the muscle powering their Support Portal and News page. Every time you click on a category or you search for keywords, these little monsters filter out the results as a team or solo depending on the request. Keep in mind this is only a snippet of a much larger object.

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