VideoStreamI remember the days when I steered very clear from Apple products.  Everything I needed in a computing devices came with PCs and Windows, and still do.  After winning a iPhone 2G from a White Elephant gift exchange my work organized a couple years ago, I’ve slowly discovered the allure of iDevices.  Having just recently finally upgraded to an iPhone 3GS I find it’s versatility outweighs it’s drawbacks almost every day.  From all my music in the car with my Jabra Cruiser to games to extremely useful Apple-approved and jailbreak apps plus a quick and responsive phone for SMS, MMS, e-mail, and phone calls, this pocket-sized device connects me to almost everything and everyone.  Now it gets better with VideoStream

Kudos. VideoStream allows any iDevice to stream video directly from a Mac or Windows machine that’s on your local network or over the internet!  If, like me, you’re not thrilled about the hassle of converting your videos to a format iOS can play or can’t choose what you want to store on your device with the limited space then VideoStream is the perfect cure.    The free version only has a tiny banner ad at the bottom and the paid version, without the banner, is $2.99 currently.  Aside from streaming your videos off the server, you can also choose what video files you want the server to convert for you to download later and watch when you’re offline!

Gripes. The developers are responsive on the forums also which is a perk since the app and the PC/Mac server component still has a few bugs to work out.  One out of three of the videos I’ve attempted to convert actually converted completely and even then it was a 45 minute to an hour long video that took up about 1.1 GB on my iPad so… could use some work there also.  Also, when streaming or converting, my file server’s processor is basically pegged at 100% so having multiple streams coming from the server at once is out of the question for the time being.

At any rate, there’s not much to lose with the free version of VideoStream so give it a spin on your iDevice!