Being an avid believer in “where there is a will, there is a way”, I’ve finally discovered a solution to a moderate annoyance I’ve had with an otherwise fantastic device – the Jabra Cruiser.  I picked up one from Amazon for about $40 a couple weeks ago and it’s a vast improvement over any FM transmitter (roadtrip/itrip) I’ve used so far.  It turns out the issue isn’t actually with the Cruiser itself but with the iPhone’s half-assed support for the AVRCP bluetooth protocol.

One rave review after another on the Cruiser yet if the reviewer has an iPhone they almost always make mention of how the previous and next buttons or the previous/forward button located on the Cruiser do not work when controlling the iPod’s playback.  Sadly no searches containing “cruiser and iphone previous next buttons” were of any help until I started poking around about the actual issue being with the iPhone and AVRCP support.  Here it is boys and girls: Music Controls Review Cydia App.  Yes, this is a jailbreak app, if you haven’t found it useful to use the plethora of essential jailbreak apps so far then this may not interest you but if you’ve tainted your phone with the dark side then give this app a shot if you’re having trouble controlling your music with any bluetooth device that supports AVRCP.

Music Controls has a wide array of features from status bar and lock screen tweaks to gestures and control for quite a few music apps out there.  The AVRCP support isn’t even a footnote on the above web page but it’s the only feature I cared about.  Music Controls comes with a full 5-day demo (which is activated through the settings app) after which it costs only $5!