Although the more I use Ubuntu, I still like my windows setups despite the occasional annoyances.  One that I battled most recently, enough to actually search for a cure, is the “Are you sure you want to move [insert system or read only file name here]”.  For a quick copy this isn’t such a hassle.  Trying to move a terabyte of stuff is a whole other story completely.  Moving large files to multiple drives at different times, becomes frustrating after setting up the move, then walking away for a few hours only to find it hasn’t gotten past more than a few files before asking this question about a system or read only file.  Windows has it’s perks and it’s faults, just as every operating system does, but after more than 10 years of multi-gigabyte drives accessible to consumers who use your operating system you’d think they’d have an option of sorts somewhere that allowed us to ignore this message for good.

So much for that, thankfully a third party solution has been around for what seems like at least a couple years.  It’s called “SuperCopier” (link below) and it somehow is able to intercept (and vastly improve) the default Windows copy and move dialogs.  SuperCopier has every option one would want for doing or skipping the usual questions explorer asks when copying or moving files.  If you’re a right-click and drag type of copier/mover you still have an option to use the default Windows copy/move dialogs but after installing SuperCopier it takes over by default when using ctrl+c/v or left-click and drag.  Some of the options include actions for when a file already exists, when there is a copy or move error, copy lists/cues, even speed throttling, and even checking if there is enough free space prior to copying everything in the cue.

SuperCopier Website.