Good thing I’ve been under the impression that encouraging patience in my own personality will eventually prevent me from going completely ape-shit.  I’ve been having a hell of a time with iOS4 and my iPhone 3G.  The folders feature was really the only thing that got me hot and bothered about iOS4 especially since a lot of the more helpful features weren’t even supported on the 3G.  Unfortunately that came at the cost of overall speed.  It took at least 10 seconds, every single time, to open up just the SMS app and I experienced that same blazing fast performance for every app.  Some apps wouldn’t even open at times or they would just hang all together and just trying to answer most phone calls made me want to skip the phone across pavement instead of having a phone at all.

Alas, after skin-deep googling I realized I wasn’t the only one having this problem and I found a couple of solutions, one which involved completely restoring the phone.  Since getting iOS4 on there and restoring all my apps and data took a few hours to begin with I wasn’t so keen on doing that without trying something else.  It turns out, hard resetting the device twice improved the speed quite a bit, to where I can actually use it without wanting to gouge my eyeballs out of my skull.

One note before you get to the link though: I have verbose boot enabled on my phone so I was able to tell that doing the hard reset (like the article hints toward, clears out caches and ram buffers) is actually causing the phone to do a consistency check of the file system which doesn’t sound safe to me so please backup prior to doing this and continue at your own risk!

Speed Up iPhone 3G + iOS4 with a Hard Reset? | Cult of Mac.