Shopping from your chair isn’t as lazy as it sounds since you’re utilizing some of the many benefits this method has to offer.  I strongly believe that no matter what the weather is outside that people need to get out of the house as part of a balanced life.  Just get out, even if it is just to grab some groceries, take the garbage out that’s been stinking up your house, or chase the neighbors dog off from pooping on your lawn.

Now, despite that belief I still think that doing your grocery shopping (or any other shopping online) has more advantages than disadvantages.  The only exception to this rule I feel is shopping for clothes, I rarely do that on-line as I like to try them on first as many people do.

So what are the advantages?  Being lazy, you don’t have to get dressed, take a shower, or even put on deodorant?  No, those are disadvantages in my book.  Being able to compare prices and sizes is top on my list.  This can be done easily enough at the store too but in some cases, similar products aren’t right next to each other.  Are you supposed to bring a pad and paper or use that impeccable memory of yours and do the math when you want to compare how much fresh versus from concentrate orange juice you can get per dollar?  They don’t put the frozen hamburger patties next to the ground beef either.  How about store baked cookies versus the pre-made dough?  With the on-line stores you’ve got clear, readable product information and you can see sizes and prices side by side.  On they also tell you what the price is per weight in a lot of cases right below the price per unit just like on some of the labels in-store.

You can also see what you have without pulling everything out of your physical cart.  For me, that’s great because at most I only shop maybe twice a month if that so I buy more than average each time which limits the necessity of making multiple trips or deliveries to or from the store.  With a quick review of my on-line cart I’m reminded of other things I need and if I’ve gotten everything on my original list.  I bought salsa, did I remember to get the chips or I got hot dogs did I get buns too?

Being able to see how much I’ll be spending is another advantage to me that you just can’t get from shopping at the store.  When I shop at the store I have a tendency to just throw things into the cart without pulling out my calculator or pen and paper to write it down.  That’s usually not a big deal to most people I think, we have a general idea of how much the mass of food in our shopping baskets will cost.  If you’re on a budget or just want to make sure you don’t spend too much, it’s a good way to do things.

Finally, my favorite thing of all time is my shopping history.  No, I don’t like to reminisce over what I bought last week but I do like that I can view that and then just dump it all back into a new shopping cart and then add or remove things as I please.  We all buy certain things just about every time we go to the store if we are a routine shopper like eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, fruits and so on.  With the online grocery shopping experience being able to dump these back into a new cart weeks later takes a matter of seconds and you’re sure to have your staple, foundation products already instead of walking all over the store to find them all again.  I imagine on most online grocery stores you can even create lists of items for use at a later time too.

Sure there’s a delivery cost to whatever online shopping we do.  At six to nine dollars that cost doesn’t seem so bad when I get to use that sort of interface to do my shopping and the benefits with it!