Remember all those iPhone tethering apps that were on Cydia/Icy?  Forget ’em!  I know most of my posts aren’t necessarily ground-breaking material but I couldn’t find one forum post or blog that had both information about tethering your iPhone and linking it to Ubuntu 9.10 so here goes.

The iPhone part is disturbingly easy.  Here are the instructions for iPhone firmware 3.0, 3.1 and 3.1.2 all from MobileCrunch.  For the 3.0 I would suggest going straight to the update to the post and visiting the site they link to in Safari on your iPhone.  After following the instructions there you only need to reboot then you’re iPhone is ready, I’m still on 3.0 so I stopped here.  With the 3.1/3.1.2 you have a few more steps which seem to require a Mac or Windows machine so that you can run blackrain to jailbreak then running “sn0w” from the iPhone blackrain app to unlock and re-enable the IPCC hack.  After that, with firmware 3.1/3.1.2, you’ll visit a site similar to the one for the 3.0 firmware and it will install an IPCC profile that gives you the tethering option.

So your iPhone is ready now right?  Good.  Now, make sure bluetooth is enabled on both your iPhone and Ubuntu then go to System>Preferences>Bluetooth in Ubuntu to pair one with the other, use the “Setup new device…” wizard and make sure at the final pairing screen you select the “Access the Internet using your mobile phone”.

Screenshot-Bluetooth New Device Setup

After that’s all done the devices are paired and now all you have to do is connect them then choose the new network listed in your network locations list.Screenshot-3 It will probably list your iPhone’s bluetooth address.  Once you’re connected to your iPhone disconnect from any other networks you may be connected to and the network icon bars should turn blue and the iPhone will have a blue bar at the top of the screen that says “Internet Tethering”.  Give your messenger or browser of choice a whirl and hopefully you’re up and running with tethering!