WordPress for iPhoneOut of all the cool iPhone apps I’ve tried out lately this one is the most useful one that I’ll probably rarely use (yes, confusing) – it’s the WordPress 2 app. If I really wanted to make a post worth reading I would probably wait till I was sitting in front of a full blow computer or laptop/netbook to do so. It is a cool little app though, some minor rough edges in parts but totally useable!

[edit: I just discovered a really fantastic feature of this program after it had a little hicup and crashed while I was editing a post. After relaunching it, a message displayed informing me that the changes I made to the message I was working on had been restored. I was able to resume editing the message right where I left off. I really don’t mind apps crashing now and then, let’s be honest, even the built in iPhone apps crash from time to time (like SMS) but when a free app like this does then gracefully recovers it’s a beautiful thing! ]