Well since I’ve been using YUI for the past couple of years I hadn’t paid much attention to jQuery but so far I’m enjoying what seems to be a more streamlined library in general. Both jQuery and YUI have their place in my opinion though. I added the accordion menu to the right with a custom theme and it even let me set a specific section open depending on the page. I had a problem with the accordion jQuery widget and syntaxhighlighter though. I don’t recall exactly what brought me the solution to use beautyOfCode but plugging that right in and changing the html on my code pages seemed to do the trick quite nicely. beautyOfCode is a jQuery plugin that is essentially a wrapper for syntaxhighlighter.

I also added another quick sample to the code section for an AJAX search suggestion drop down I created a couple years back for Westlake Electronic Supply. I haven’t completed an actual search results page yet but for now you can simply enter in words into the search box under the header image and it’ll give you the post which contain those words.