Some tools I use!

Name (link) Praise
Sublime Text 2 I was a big fan of Notepad++ before a buddy of mine turned me onto Sublime. It’s serious, fast, stable, and powerful. Sublime is easy for novice users to pickup and yet still feature rich for the veterans with it’s minimal interface. I love how many of the advanced features are a easily remembered keyboard shortcut away.
CodeKit It’s only within the past 3 years or so that I’ve switched to using OS X full time for development efforts and it’s tools like CodeKit that have made it a no-brainer.
LiveReload I _love_ and always use this tool when making CSS updates. CSS is updated live in-browser without the need for a page refresh! If you’re on a budget and don’t need all the features CodeKit offers then LiveReload also works well as a less expensive live complier of many web languages.
Integrity Integrity is wonderful, fast, and free link checker for OS X. Integrity’s younger sibling, Scrutiny, also has a few extra features up it’s sleeve that focus on SEO and site quality.
Firebug Yes, I still use Firefox! I realize it’s not the peppiest browser these days but I’ve become so used to how Firebug is laid out I only use other consoles when I’m debugging issues in a particular browser. I imagine everything I need is conveniently tucked away in the developer consoles of other browsers but until I find Firebug holding me back, it’s staying in my bag of goodies.