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Amazing pictures without post-editing

This is just a little post with some favorite pictures I’ve taken over the past few years.

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Time Lapse: Fish Tank

The following is a time lapse I took with an iPod Touch for 3 hours of my tiny fish tank. Each frame was captured 15 seconds apart and rendered at 15 frames per second. Each second represents 3.75 minutes. Hope you enjoy! Read more

Cross species contagious frustratious

Well… The past few months have been moderately frustrating as far as my device world goes. Despite that frustration I’m mildly fascinated by what seems like random occurrences all occurring at about the same time. From my main machine to my iPhone, within the past couple months I’ve had to either reinstall or rebuild them from the ground up.

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Ohh Dropbox… where have you been all my life?

Windows Live Mesh?  Heck no… Ubuntu One?  Still not doing it for me.  What’s this?  A file synchronization client for Windows, Mac, Linux (GNOME), and iPhone?  *faints*

Enter the Dropbox (

Since I’ve recently gone back to school I’ve had a hell of a time keeping my files synced between my desktop and netbook.  The band-aid was to use a USB stick but to be honest it’s been such a pain.  From keeping track of it, making sure I always had it with me, just having to plug it in and unplug it, and hell… I’ve even lost one or two of them before but with Dropbox all I need is an internet connection once in a while to synchronize files and I’ve got everything I need where and when I need it.  Your first 2 GB are free!

Dropbox – Home – Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy..

It Starts with Yes

A very good friend of mine is beginning a journey into something most of us dream of yet will likely never take.  Although I am self employed, a mercenary at best, I am happy to be a slave of other companies big and small.  I’ve found that coming up with ideas isn’t one of my strong suits.  Focusing on individual projects, innovating and improving them, and making critical decisions about them is not only what I enjoy but seem to excel at also.  For the geeks: Having three screens with individual resolutions less than 1680×1050 is more manageable for me than having one big screen at 4240×1050.  The big picture is a beautiful one and Jwil sees it.

Online, Affiliate, and Mobile Marketing | It Starts with Yes.

Automated Traffic Enforcement

This adtion-packed (see what I did there?) 10 page article by the Phoenix New Times explains a great deal about photo enforcement traffic citations, how ridiculously unfair the prosecution of these tickets are between individuals versus businesses, and a few perfectly legal methods of avoiding payment.  One method actually includes becoming a business and registering your vehicle under that business.

I got to about the 5th page and there was quite a bit of examples and Arizona specific situations so I’m not sure how it works here in Washington.  Since I found this article as a result of receiving a ticket while driving through Arizona though I’m going to place my bets that most of this is fairly accurate for my case.

None of this should be considered legal advice by any means from Phoenix News or

Phoenix News – Gotcha! – page 1.

Windows or Ubuntu

The general opinion about Microsoft among computer users of all types, save those employed by Microsoft, is the company makes inferior products and distastefully dominates every market they have established a presence in.  Up until a couple of years ago, PC users who expressed that narrow-minded belief could only complain, buy a computer from Apple, beat their hairy chests in frustration while cooking the large woodland animal they just killed over an open flame, or dive head first into uncharted Linux territory.  Linux and Unix, in its various flavors, have been around for years, much longer than Windows.  If age were enough to establish dominance in a consumer market life would be very different.  Now back to reality, Linux only had one gigantic gap to fill: Make something that the general population could not only setup and configure on their own with relative ease but also still use in their daily lives like Microsoft had done in 1992 with Windows 3.1. Read more

Green nPower Personal Energy Generator | The Chic Ecologist

Just thought I would pass this along, sounds fantastic if it comes to exist.

Green nPower Personal Energy Generator | The Chic Ecologist.

Shopping from your chair

Shopping from your chair isn’t as lazy as it sounds since you’re utilizing some of the many benefits this method has to offer.  I strongly believe that no matter what the weather is outside that people need to get out of the house as part of a balanced life.  Just get out, even if it is just to grab some groceries, take the garbage out that’s been stinking up your house, or chase the neighbors dog off from pooping on your lawn. Read more

The Great Kindle Giveaway

Some good pals of mine are getting into the spirit of giving this holiday season with The Great Kindle Giveaway so I thought I’d help them out a little by posting about it here :). The blog has a lot of articles about writing or books, book reviews and plenty of open discussion. Check them out and subscribe for your chance to win a Kindle II!

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