Multi-Protocol IM Comparison Chart

Here’s a brief list of what I’ve found comparing some of the most popular multi-protocol IM clients.  I’ll try to update this here and there when I have time! Read more

Multi-Protocol Instant Messengers

I started this post thinking that I had found the latest and greatest of Multi-Network Messengers but after a little research I’ve found so many new ones that I haven’t even heard of. Even though it doesn’t have a linux version yet, my new favorite is Digsby. Remember back when Trillian came out, back when it was free and that was still all we had if we didn’t want to run 3 or 4 different messengers side by side? To be fair, I’ve only used Trillian, Pidgin, Empathy, Nimbuzz, and now Digsby. Read more

iPhone Bluetooth tethering and Ubuntu 9.10

Remember all those iPhone tethering apps that were on Cydia/Icy?  Forget ’em!  I know most of my posts aren’t necessarily ground-breaking material but I couldn’t find one forum post or blog that had both information about tethering your iPhone and linking it to Ubuntu 9.10 so here goes. Read more

Advanced Archive Password Recovery

Advanced Archive Password Recovery

Advanced Archive Password Recovery

I started the search for a zip password recovery program after I found a curious little zip file, password protected, that had some videos in it. What those videos are of I can not certain but they better be good after all the trouble I’ve gone through to get them now. I found some free (?), dated tools for password cracking (recovery) but that wasn’t going to work on this file, apparently it was encrypted using the best method possible for WinZip®. I had also tried an older version of Advanced Archive Password Recovery (ARCHPR), this was created back when it was called Advanced Zip Password Recovery. A number of things were missing from that, namely support for enhanced AES encryption which I must have used to protect this file. At only $99 for most recent ARCHPR Professional, which supports enhanced AES encryption and after reading a lot of positive reviews I gave it a shot. Read more

Posting from my iPhone

WordPress for iPhoneOut of all the cool iPhone apps I’ve tried out lately this one is the most useful one that I’ll probably rarely use (yes, confusing) – it’s the WordPress 2 app. If I really wanted to make a post worth reading I would probably wait till I was sitting in front of a full blow computer or laptop/netbook to do so. It is a cool little app though, some minor rough edges in parts but totally useable!

[edit: I just discovered a really fantastic feature of this program after it had a little hicup and crashed while I was editing a post. After relaunching it, a message displayed informing me that the changes I made to the message I was working on had been restored. I was able to resume editing the message right where I left off. I really don’t mind apps crashing now and then, let’s be honest, even the built in iPhone apps crash from time to time (like SMS) but when a free app like this does then gracefully recovers it’s a beautiful thing! ]

Finally threw in the towel and installed WordPress

wordpressAfter deciding I wanted more abilities and better modularity I retired my nearly 6 week old site and threw on WordPress.  All that work… ohh well.  I’ve moved most everything over except for the code samples, we’ll see how that goes.  I created “pages” for the bio/resume information.  I threw the companies and experience into blog posts under the ‘Experience’ category because the pages list at the top (that I initially removed) was getting cramped.  I have tons of themes and plug-ins to sift through to find the coolest ones so that’ll be super fun :|. Read more

Thank You


I appreciate your attempt to verify my server’s security but I don’t use phpMyAdmin or any of that other nonsense you were looking to exploit. It would also be nice to be notified personally that you’re going to be attacking my poor old server for reasons unknown :(. I don’t even have any porn, what else would be worth trying to break in? Read more

iPhone App: Mobile Air Mouse (Air Mouse Pro)

airmouseproI used to have a much simpler app back in the days of firmware 1.x that used VNC – as a server on the desktop and a viewer on the iPhone. It didn’t show the desktop background on the iPhone but allowed for remote cursor movement and keyboard input. That was free and only available to the brave mass of people who have jailbroken their iPhone at the time. Back then the process was a little more hairy than it is today but I digress.  Before Mobile Air Mouse I really wished they had updated that other app to work on the 3.x firmware but now that I’m done whining I’ll get to the point…
Read more

The Symphony of Science

A good friend of mine sent me this random little video and I have had the tune stuck in my head for a few days now. It’s called “Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’, featuring Stephen Hawking” by The Symphony of Science. The first time watching it I really enjoyed the intro, have a peek below. John Boswell, the artist behind The Symphony of Science, pieces together these clips to “…deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.”. I, for one, feel he’s done just that. Currently, the three tracks that are on this website are nothing short of excellent from both a musical and tributary standpoint!

Interestingly enough, googling the first quote “I’m not very good at singing songs, but here’s a try” comes up with a couple of links up top directly related to this video and not specifically to Carl Sagan. I suppose that wasn’t one of his more notable quotes ;).

My Dell Mini 10

Dell Mini 10

Dell Mini 10

Well I’ve had my Dell Mini 10 for about a week now and I’ve enjoyed it so much I thought I would write a bit about it. I’ve had 4 Dell laptops including this one and this one has by far been the most portable and affordable system I’ve ever purchased.

It arrived in about a week and a half after I ordered it. The package was about 6 pounds. The box was about the size of a full sized laptop but about half the weight, everything was inside! Read more

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