Amazing pictures without post-editing

This is just a little post with some favorite pictures I’ve taken over the past few years.

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HTPCs, XBMC, and other creative ways to gain weight!

320px-Xbmc_logo My home theater situation has gone through more than a few iterations over the years. Currently, I couldn’t be more pleased and I owe it almost entirely to XBMC, it’s extensive platform support, and the community for making add-ons for just about everything I’d need and more… Read more

Time Lapse: Fish Tank

The following is a time lapse I took with an iPod Touch for 3 hours of my tiny fish tank. Each frame was captured 15 seconds apart and rendered at 15 frames per second. Each second represents 3.75 minutes. Hope you enjoy! Read more

Ask not what you can do with the iPad, but what you want to do with the iPad.

Don’t worry, it sounds redundant even when I read it.  My point though is this: asking someone what you can do with something almost always ends up as a list of what you can and can NOT do, while asking yourself what you want to do with something is just that or at least it is with me.  The “can” is a list of capabilities or lack of.  The “lack of” capabilities part really only exists due to the merging of someone’s “wants” with the list of capabilities.  The “want” can be just your desires, it need not be merged with any other list of requirements unless you want a pet lion but don’t want the possibility Read more

VideoStream for iOS

VideoStreamI remember the days when I steered very clear from Apple products.  Everything I needed in a computing devices came with PCs and Windows, and still do.  After winning a iPhone 2G from a White Elephant gift exchange my work organized a couple years ago, I’ve slowly discovered the allure of iDevices.  Having just recently finally upgraded to an iPhone 3GS I find it’s versatility outweighs it’s drawbacks almost every day.  From all my music in the car with my Jabra Cruiser to games to extremely useful Apple-approved and jailbreak apps plus a quick and responsive phone for SMS, MMS, e-mail, and phone calls, this pocket-sized device connects me to almost everything and everyone.  Now it gets better with VideoStream

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iPhone and Jabra Cruiser previous and next buttons

Being an avid believer in “where there is a will, there is a way”, I’ve finally discovered a solution to a moderate annoyance I’ve had with an otherwise fantastic device – the Jabra Cruiser.  I picked up one from Amazon for about $40 a couple weeks ago and it’s a vast improvement over any FM transmitter (roadtrip/itrip) I’ve used so far.  It turns out the issue isn’t actually with the Cruiser itself but with the iPhone’s half-assed support for the AVRCP bluetooth protocol.
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The end of “Are you sure you want to move this file?” dialog – SuperCopier

Although the more I use Ubuntu, I still like my windows setups despite the occasional annoyances.  One that I battled most recently, enough to actually search for a cure, is the “Are you sure you want to move [insert system or read only file name here]”.  For a quick copy this isn’t such a hassle.  Trying to move a terabyte of stuff is a whole other story completely.  Moving large files to multiple drives at different times, becomes frustrating after setting up the move, then walking away for a few hours only to find it hasn’t gotten past more than a few files before asking this question about a system or read only file.  Windows has it’s perks and it’s faults, just as every operating system does, but after more than 10 years of multi-gigabyte drives accessible to consumers who use your operating system you’d think they’d have an option of sorts somewhere that allowed us to ignore this message for good. Read more

Speed Up iPhone 3G + iOS4 with a Hard Reset? | Cult of Mac

Good thing I’ve been under the impression that encouraging patience in my own personality will eventually prevent me from going completely ape-shit.  I’ve been having a hell of a time with iOS4 and my iPhone 3G.  The folders feature was really the only thing that got me hot and bothered about iOS4 especially since a lot of the more helpful features weren’t even supported on the 3G.  Unfortunately that came at the cost of overall speed.  It took at least 10 seconds, every single time, to open up just the SMS app and I experienced that same blazing fast performance for every app.  Some apps wouldn’t even open at times or they would just hang all together and just trying to answer most phone calls made me want to skip the phone across pavement instead of having a phone at all. Read more

Cendio AB – SeamlessRDP

Well I’ve tried yet another platform merging solution just today and it’s got some great advantages but only if you’ve got a decent internet connection between you and a Windows machine running somewhere.

I love using Ubuntu and being able to add whatever software I want to it on a whim without illegally downloading software or worrying about viruses BUT… every once in a while I either need to test or use a Windows only program where one of my other virtualization modes won’t cut it. Read more

Terminal Server Patch at sala source

I found this while searching around for seamless remote desktop solutions for Ubuntu to Windows XP.  I’ve just lived with the Windows XP one concurrent user limit for years, it never occurred to me to search for a solution to free myself from such a limitation.  It’s not likely that most users or even power users would find a need for this but when you want to run more than one windows application on a native windows environment while using Linux and you only have a Windows XP/Vista/7 box at your disposal then this patch comes in handy!

Terminal Server Patch at sala source.

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